What we do

We gather intelligence on emerging and frontier markets and transforms them into strategic insight.

Areas of work

Interactive and context-rich research

Clients come to us to:

  • Understand customer behaviour in the market, both regional and national
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge in the target market
  • Gain insight into global best practices

We solve problems

We provide consulting and advisory services to clients when they need to:

  • Design new products, implement new technologies or business processes, and enter into new markets
  • Analyse failed projects and identify lessons to learn
  • Optimise business processes and strengthen the synergy between them

Learning is about doing

We provide executive education and training services to clients when they need to:

  • Support new and creative thinking on branding, innovation, technology application, human capital, and product development
  • Devise a toolset that is unique to their organisation's needs
  • Develop or enhance competencies in strategic thinking and implementation

Actionable and measurable strategies

Clients engage with us when they need to:

  • Review and comment on existing strategic initiatives
  • Devise competitive strategies for growth
  • Develop initiatives to restructure the business