Senior executives already have enough things to worry about. Having a strategic initiative that looks good only on paper does not have to be one of them.
We bring clarity and simplicity to the complex issues that many organisations face; we do this by understanding their context (internal, external and global).
When we design strategic solutions for our clients, we study the interactions of the business processes among the division within the organisation and make sure that they are well-integrated into the existing operations.
Joseph A. DiVanna, MD, Maris Strategies


Clients engage us when they need to:

  • Review and comment on existing strategic initiatives,
  • Devise competitive strategies for further growth,
  • Develop initiatives to restructure the business.
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Value proposition diagnostic

Specifically designed for banks and financial services providers, we assist clients to establish a mechanism to implement strategic initiatives and solve tactical and operational issues.

Product and customer needs matrix

We have wide experience in identifying gaps and opportunities in the market and subsequently developing new products and services, or improving existing offerings to address market needs.

CEO's strategic playbook

With a thorough review of existing business processes, we provide senior management of the organisations strategic options to address problems in managing business operations.

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Our View

We believe that understanding the people, their socio-economic, political, legal and cultural conditions is the most important step in developing successful business strategies.