Companies need to understand their customers, competitors and the market places in order to reduce risk when making strategic decisions. However, it is often difficult for them to keep up with the changes around them as they need to review the impact of the market events on a regular basis.
With extensive research networks across the globe, we are skilled and well-equipped to assist your organisation with your research needs.
Our focus is to enable clients to keep abreast of what is going on in the market places and help them to make informed decisions.
Joseph A. DiVanna, MD, Maris Strategies


Clients engage us when they need to:

  • Understand customer behaviour in the market, both regional and national,
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge in the target market,
  • Gain insight from our knowledge base of global best practices.
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Business intelligence

We carry out comprehensive analysis for clients seeking ways to identify the emerging trends in the market and help make sense of them.

Strategic investigation - Horizon scanning

We assist senior management searching for ways to improve the performance of their organisation by providing them with the strategic investigations and insightful analysis on possible options to make their business processes and operating environment better.

Banking market research briefing

We offer a bespoke research service defined for banking and financial institutions serving emerging and frontier markets.

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Our View

We are all so obsessed with data that we often 'put the plumbing ahead of the poetry' in our business. Business leaders must avoid such mistake and make sure that their data provides them with actionable insights that improve value propositions and drive business objectives.