Businesses often confuse 'invention' with 'innovation'. The former is about creating new things; the latter is about applying them to business and generating value while practicing it.
We provide cutting edge thinking on banking and financial services issues to clients with operational interests in emerging markets.
We provide executive education as a channel to share information and best practices that we have acquired in emerging and frontier markets.
Joseph A. DiVanna, MD, Maris Strategies

Executive education

We provide executive education and training services to clients when they need to:

  • Equip employees with a tool- set enabling them to bring fresh ideas on key competitive issues;
  • Support new and creative thinking on branding, innovation, human capital, and production development;
  • Develop or enhance competencies in the areas of , strategy and technology application, into the organisation.
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Strategy workshops

We develop a broad range of sessions to provide business executives opportunities to keep abreast with what is happening in the market and discuss key topics.
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Banking executive programmes

We offer an intensive programme for busy banking and finance executives that providing them with opportunities to catch up with developments in business knowledge and innovation and what it means to their banking and financial institutions.
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The Ultimate Bank Challenge: our new idea for interactive and experiential learning

Maris Strategies has developed and structured a new learning experience that demonstrates the causal relationship between strategy, decisions, tactics, and actions. Participants will be taken out fromm their comfort zones and placed themselves in an environment that demands creativity and problem-solving in all aspects of business practices and principles including client relationships, compliance, and human capital management.
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Our View

Cost savings are not strategic; they are tactical. They are mererly a by-product of good management. All strategies need to focus on top-line growth.