As a result of leveraging their organisations with technology, emerging market banks will have a chance to leapfrog their competition in the developed markets, expand into new markets and capitalise on a host of new opportunities.
Businesses operating in traditional markets have a lot to unlearn and undo when considering a new technology because their practices are often a century old. Emerging markets are well-placed to benefit from the new technologies and lead the new wave of changes.
We inspire clients to find creative and innovative solutions to the challenge they face.
Joseph A. DiVanna, MD, Maris Strategies

Consulting & advisory services

We provide consulting and advisory services to clients when they need to:

  • Design new products, implement new technologies or business processes, and enter into new markets,
  • Analyse failed projects and identify lessons to learn,
  • Optimise business processes and strengthen the synergy between them.
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Product development

With a bottom-up approach using socio-demographic profiles and market intelligence, we can help clients to design products that are meeting customers' needs.

Implementing innovation and new technology

Our focus is to help organisations to adopt and adapt technology to create value, as we firmly believe that the introduction of new technology is little to do with innovation.

Business optimisation service

We strive to find the best optimised solutions when new business processes are being implemented or existing processes are being examined and modified.

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Our View

We firmly believe that the introduction of new technology has little to do with innovation.