Customers in todays' market environment are looking to new ways to develop loyalty to financial services providers, and new approaches to building relationships.
Building trust between customers and products that financial services providers offer will be essential to the viability of the business model.
Innovation is the key to financial institutions' long-term survival. Today's competitive landscape requires that financial services providers have a clearly defined value proposition that resonates with customer needs.
Joseph A. DiVanna, MD, Maris Strategies

What we do

Working closely with the extensive network of researchers and practitioners in the fields of economics, banking and finance, we gather intelligence on emerging and frontier markets and transforms them into strategic insight.
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New customers require new approaches
Customers in emerging markets are much less reluctant to adopt new technologies than their counterparts in developed markets whilst their patterns of consumptions are much more conservative (namely more savings than consumption) due to weaker social safety nets compared to developed economies. This can be an opportunity for those financial services providers who understand their target customer segments and are capable of offering innovative products and services through newly available banking channels.

How we can help

Many businesses operating in emerging markets admit that it is difficult to obtain credible intelligence in emerging and frontier markets. However, it is also often the case that even if those businesses have the necessary information and data on the markets of their interest, what they need to look for is somewhat different to their counterparts operating in developed and mature markets. By transforming information produced from the emerging markets into insight, we assist businesses to understand the market and make the correct strategic decisions.

Areas of work

Our strategy workshops help clients identify and develop their own competitive advantage in solving tactical operational problems.
Our research service builds in-depth knowledge on emerging trends in market places with which clients identify market opportunities, develop new strategies, and optimise the business processes.
Consulting & Advisory Service
Our consulting and advisory service offers measurable and action-based options to senior executives when they need to tackle various issues in business.
Executive Education
Our executive education provides you with a set of tools to leverage clients' knowledge capital and bring fresh ideas into your organisation.

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Our Approach

As a research and advisory group, our value proposition is based on five key concepts:
  • Developing measurable action-based business strategies
  • Applied use of technology to create value
  • Methodologies to produce break-through thinking and innovation
  • Finding unique solutions to global organisational challenges
  • Generating boundary-pushing ideas for our clients.

Our View

We are committed to assisting organisations achieve new levels of excellence.