The Ultimate Bank Challenge

Our banking innovation team at Maris Strategies has developed a new executive education platform with a strong focus on experiential learning intervention that simulates the causal relationship between strategy, decisions, tactics, and actions. The Ultimate Bank Challenge, a result of years of research and development with extensive consultation from C-level bankers, is a new learning experience that simulates the operations of a bank.
The Ultimate Bank Challenge enables participants to gain a wider understanding of job roles and the challenges bankers face on a daily basis. The simulator is more than a workshop or seminar: it is a learning experience that allows participants to place themselves in a system that demands creative and problem-solving in all aspect of business operations.
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The simulation is designed to ensure that participants have an extensive level of exposure to banking and finance operations and strategies:

  • Strategy planning, execution, evaluation and corrective actions
  • Scenario development and role enactment
  • Understanding cause and effect in an accelerated timescale
  • Balancing personal and team goals and ensuring achievement on both fronts
  • Improving negotiation skills and communications with regulators
  • Managing risk, reputation, brand, and human capital
  • Managing risk-weighted capital
  • Product portfolio innovation

How to use the learning experience

The Ultimate Bank Challenge can be used to educate senior executives, middle level managers and upgrade the understanding of how a bank operates to numerous people in the banking (and non-banking) organisations in four distinct ways:

Integrated to executive education programmes

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The simulator can be incorporated into mult-iday executive learning programmes, which will provide participants with opportunities to put in practice what they have learned from the programmes.

A learning experience for middle level managers

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The Ultimate Bank Challenge can be an ideal solution for middle level managers, the backbone of the organization. The simulator can create an environment in which participants can experience the decision making processes of the C-level executives such as formulating strategic plans, innovating new products, managing varying degrees of risk.

A boot-camp for rising stars

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The simulator can be a highlight of a boot-camp for rising starts at various levels of the organization a taste of being at the helm, running the ship. This is a perfect opportunities for participants who wants to develop a complete set of banking skills and financial acumen, which will be essential for their career.

Team building (for banking and non-banking organizations)

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Organizations have used the simulator as a stand-alone team building activity which incorporates learning into a fun-based competition. It brings together people from different parts of the organization to form teams that test their knowledge of how a bank works.

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