On banking innovation in the emerging markets

Many western financial services providers have enjoyed their market leading positions as trend setters and standard bearers. However, it does not necessarily mean that customers in these places have the most innovative products and services available in the market. In many occasions, customers in the emerging markets, especially in those with rapidly developing ICT infrastructure such as China, Turkey, Malaysia and South Korea, have been able to use more innovative financial products and services than those living in countries like UK and France. Take the case of mobile banking, it was only recently that major UK banks have started providing mobile banking apps that enable customers to make payments and funds transfer as well as the basic services like checking balances and viewing recent transactions while customers in emerging market can use various financial services such as money remittance and paying utility bills through their mobile phones from the late 2000s. How come the customers in developed countries, where all the technologies and innovations are available and all the necessary resources to implement them, have to bear with not using faster and more convenient mobile banking services for such a long time?